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D&D Counters

d20 System System Reference Document

Don't have the Player's Handbook? Download the basic ruleset for free from Wizards of the Coast.

Character Record Sheet Character Record Sheet

It all starts here - the official sheet for D&D 3.5 from Wizards of the Coast.

Alignment Test Alignment Test

Unsure of your character's alignment? Take Wizards of the Coast's official test.

Character Portraits Character Portraits

Get graphic with character portraits straight from DRAGON Magazine.

Cultural Traits Cultural Traits

Torn between two worlds? Create a character raised in another culture with these optional rules.

New Feats New Feats

A staple of most D&D websites, here are some new feats for your D&D or d20 game.

Stowage Capacity Stowage Capacity

Inexplicably omitted from D&D 3E (and 3.5), here are the 2E rules resurrected for use.

Vitality Points Revisited Vitality Points Revisited

The problematic vitality/wound point rules from Unearthed Arcana, now new and improved!

Critical Hit Tables Hit Locations, Aimed Shots, and Critical Hit Tables

Published in the Star Wars Roleplaying Game Galactic Campaign Guide and presented here for use with D&D.

Spellbook Spellbook

Since the official character record sheet never seems to have room for all of your spells, this Microsoft Word document has space for all the spells you'll ever need. as well as boxes for marking how many of each spell you have prepared. For bards, it's a simple matter to change the heading to "Songbook," or "Prayer Book" for divine casters.

Dungeon Master's Worksheet Dungeon Master's Worksheet

Another staple offering, this handy worksheet keeps essential information about the PCs for the DM, especially for hidden rolls.

Spell Cards Spell Cards

Handy cards with essential information about all the spells from the SRD. Don't leave your spellbook without them!

Animal Cards Animal Cards

A must-have for druids, these handy cards contain essential information on all the animals from the SRD. No more fighting over the Monster Manual!

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