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D&D Counters


31 August 2005
After an extended summer hiatus, numerous small changes have been made all over the site, most notably to the Counters page.

14 March 2005
More elves, dwarves, gnomes, halflings have been added to the Humanoids page, and more warforged can be found at the Constructs page.

9 February 2005
Sorry if anyone was inconvenienced by the site being down yesterday. This was a result of the failed host change experiment. After one day, claimed that D&D Counters had exceeded its monthly bandwidth, even though they claim it's not much less than Tripod's. Most likely, the whole thing is a set-up to get people to go ahead and split for paid hosting after transferring all their files there. In any case, we're back at Tripod now, which doesn't leave much space for new files. So if anyone would like to offer help and/or suggestions regarding another host, please e-mail Thanks.

7 February 2005
As you've probably noticed, D&D Counters has moved to a new host. This is thanks to Kaz at Roleplayers Home, a very impressive Danish site (though it's in English) with an online character generator, map creator, and other nifty goodies. As a result of the host change, the Microsoft Word versions of the animal cards and spell cards are available again on the Resources page. On the Undead page there's now a sheet of dracoliches. You'll also a find a forum now on the side menu. Don't be shy!

27 January 2005
More lizardfolk on the Humanoids page. Because you can never get enough lizardfolk.

25 January 2005
Ice storm is on the Spell Areas page.

24 January 2005
Bigby's hands (or, if you're using the SRD, simply "hands," are on the Spell Areas page.

23 January 2005
A flame strike counter has been added to the Spell Areas page.

22 January 2005
New spell effects counters are available on the Spell Areas page, including generic ones.

21 January 2005
The Microsoft Windows versions of the spell cards and animal cards on the Resources page have had to be removed from the site due to lack of space. If anyone would like to donate space, it would be much appreciated. In the meantime, anyone wanting these documents can send a request to

20 January 2005
The human counter sheets on the Humanoids page have now been arranged into men and women for your convenience. More ogres and half-ogres have also been added to the Giants page. Because you can never get enough ogre.

18 January 2005
More orcs on the Humanoids page. Because you can never get enough orc.

17 January 2005
Suggestions for improving the vitality and wound point rules from Unearthed Arcana can now be found on the Resources page.

16 January 2005
At the request of Domingos S. Neto, demons and devils have been included on the Outsiders page, as well as big archons and golems on the Constructs page. The animals of the savannah sheet has a couple new members. The Cultural Traits article has been updated with suggestions for differentiating half-orcs and half-human orcs, and phasms replaced chaos beasts on the really weird aberrations sheet after an observant visitor noted that chaos beasts weren't aberrations (who knew?).

12 January 2005
As it became apparent that some visitors were unaware of the other resources on the site besides counters, D&D Counters got a facelift. Also, the contact e-mail is now a Gmail account, (, generously donated by Akito Yagami.

8 January 2005
Animal cards for quick reference have been added to the Resources page and can be downloaded here (just right click and Save Target As). To view the animal cards, you'll need the Adobe Reader, available for free download here.

31 December 2004
Happy New Year! A lightning bolt counter and acid arrow counter have been added to the Spell Areas page, and a whole slew of new feats have been added to the Resources page, including some imported from d20 Modern for D&D.

4 December 2004
D&D Counters has begun a link exchange with other sites. If you'd like to link to us and vice-versa, please see the Links page.

18 November 2004
New feats have been added to the Resources page.

31 October 2004
Happy Halloween! A document for cataloguing spells has been added to the Resources page.

29 October 2004
Optional rules for creating characters with cultural traits other than their own has been added to the Resources page.

20 October 2004
The recent acquisition of Adobe Acrobat has allowed the spell cards to be provided in PDF. You can find them on the Resources page or download them here (just right click and Save Target As). To view the spell cards, you'll need the Adobe Reader, available for free download here.

16 October 2004
The site just went up and you're already looking for updates! Talk about impatient:)! It's a little bare yet, but hopefully there will be regular additions in the future, to be announced right here. Requests/comments/questions/sizeable monetary donations are always welcome at

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